RESOLVED How to show if you completed/unlocked/didn't unlock or didn't complete level

I want to show the progression of the levels that people completed. But i don’t know how to do that. I’v tried to add a check box on the side of them but it doesn’t accept it. I’v tried to figure this out for a few hours now and i could not get close to completion.



so what is your goal exactly? are you asking how to add the checkbox and make it work or are you looking for some other solution?

since you show a widget i would probably just use color change on the buttons or whatever those are. then i would have a little script that sets the color based on the value of an array index. each index of the array would just need to have 1 of 4 values representing the state of that level (locked, unlocked not attempted, failed, and completed). then all you need to do is when the widget is created get the value from the array and set the color accordingly.

the picture below shows what i mean, of course you could make this using loops and things to clean it up but this shows the basic idea.

It won’t take the checkbox, so i’ll go for the color one. Thank you

im sure the check box would work you would just need use a different variable type. check boxes actually use an enumeration (ECheckBoxState) so you would just need to create an array of that type.