[Resolved] How to Check if a Key from a Mapping is pressed, instead of hardcoded ones?

Edit Solution:
Nevermind… Right at this Moment, i found a Solution… The Function is called:
GetActionMappingbyName, that takes an GetInputSettings References and spits out a key array…

This node is just not appearing in the Context Browser… even when you disable Context sensitivity…

I created a Function Library to avoid Copy&Pasting more nodes than neccessary.
Here´re the BP Function Library Graphs:

This takes either a KeyEvent or KeyStruct itself, and gives back a true/false if any Key of the named Mapping is hit.

Sorry for the unrelated question, but how do you manage to get these clean line connection? Would love to have my connection line set-up like yours.

If you use enhanced input, you can query the system and see if the key in the widget’s keydown contains the relevant input action.

I close my inventory this way in the keydown event.

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Probably eletronic nodes plugin (Electronic Nodes in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace)

Node Graph Assistant Plugin…
Cause of the Quality of Life things it comes with… The Execution Line Styling is just a Bonus of it :wink: