[Resolved] FVector::RotateAngleAxis() returns non unit-length vector?

Working on an Orbit library and getting some hitches, and I’m fairly certain it’s related to problems with this function:

AnomalyVector = FVector(FVector::ForwardVector).RotateAngleAxis(LongitudeAscendingNode, FVector::UpVector);

In my current test case, LongitudeAscendingNode is 341 degrees. The resulting vector:

X: 0.950124919
Y: -0.311869591
Z: 0.00000000

Which doesn’t look like a unit-length vector to me… but surely it should be right? Am I missing something here? Perhaps I should do this using an FRotationMatrix instead of RotateAngleAxis?

Well it is a unit vector.

I’m an idiot. Thanks haha, also that website is awesome.