[RESOLVED] Crash upon opening 5.0.0 project and launching 5.0.0 - Line 1476

Since downloading 5.0.0, I’ve gotten the above crash any time I’ve tried to open a project with 5.0.0 or launch 5.0.0. This occurs before the editor or project-creation prompt can open, which stops me from doing much of anything.

I’ve seen multiple others in the Unreal Slackers chat report the same issue.

Same. Doing a full, clean re-install now to see if it helps but I haven’t managed to get the new build going all morning without this error.

EDIT: Full reinstall resolves it. Make sure you completely uninstall Preview 2 and clear the directory before installing 5.0.0.

Thanks, this fixed it for me!

Awesome! That fixed it for me.
Many thanks!