[RESOLVED] CameraComponent always look at skeletal mesh bone?

So I’m setting up a ‘Death Cam’. I’ve got a second CameraComponent which becomes active and is positioned directly above the Character actor. My ragdoll setup is only applied to the mesh within that actor, and I’d like for the (now static) DeathCam (CameraComponent) to always point towards a particular bone on the (now ragdolling) skeletal mesh.

Essentially, I want the camera and actor to remain in the death location (for many reasons) while the skeletal mesh itself can be pushed around or otherwise moved by physics, but for the DeathCam component to always look in the right direction towards a particular bone in the skeletal mesh.

Hopefully I’ve explained myself well enough. I can’t find any ‘set focus’, ‘look at’ nodes in the Blueprint editor, so figure it’s not quite that easy.


This is what I thought, but I can’t find any way to set a LookAt for the camera. Is this a node I can get, or will I have to calculate this and apply it manually?

Got it (thanks to Jacky)!

Here’s the setup:


Hopefully this is useful for other people too :slight_smile:

One way that comes to mind is to get the bone’s location and use it for the LookAt Rotation of the camera, then use it to set camera rotation. And do this after the player dies, of course.

Figured it out. Thanks!

Included a picture for other people in another answer :slight_smile: