(RESOLVED) Camera through object

When I move camera, it goes through objects. What have I to do to avoid this problem? In all games the camera block when bumping walls and so on.

Attach the camera to a Springarm component; then, in the Springarm settings, you can control the size of the probe and other things:

Enabling camera lag will give you nice, automatic smooth interpolation, too. Give it a try.

No, it doesn’t work

It does work. It’s even in the 3rd person template that comes with the engine…

Show us how you set it up.

You already have a springarm - CameraBoom is just a renamed spring arm - make sure collision is enabled there. You do not need the second one.

Does your level geometry have collision?

I’ve tried but nothing. Can you send me your setting just you say it works for you?

So… I think it depends by the objects in the world. In the exemple level there are preset objects, maybe they are setted in order to avoid this problem, What do you think?

There are no settings, that’s the default behaviour. Just run the 3rd person example that came with the engine. You have a perfect example right there.


You will need collision for that. What are your walls’ collision settings?

The probe on the springarm uses a Camera channel to test collision so you need to ensure that the level geometry has is enabled as well (among other channels that handle collision, that is):


You’d need to ensure that your meshes have collision in the first place, too.

I’ve resolved. I changed the position of the camera and so it disconnected by the spring arm. I’ve reset its location and now it works. Thank for time spent for me!