RESOLVED: Actor rotation using simple roaming behavior task

Have blue print characters for AI, set to use the my own ai controller and custom behavior tree. The BP is setup so that controller rotation is off and character rotation is turn on to orient based on direction of acceleration. The character will move from point to point and even rotate but is always about 25% of the correct rotation so appears to walk sideways or backwards.

The blackboard task is just a simple get random location in navigable radius then set blackboard key random vector to this location. I’ve not setup anything to break or make rotator.

I’m using the same animation on my player character as the AI character but have different animation blueprints. The player character rotates fine the ai character as mentioned above is always out of rotation for the direction of movement. I’m not sure what else to check here, any ideas?

I found the problem in the Character BP, the mesh was rotated in the capsule. I’ve don’t believe that has ever happened to me before so had no idea that could happen and cause that result. Anyway it’s resolved if anyone else runs in to this leaving this up with the solution: check your character and ensure the mesh is aligned with the blue arrow in the capsule, pretty silly solution but if you did not know about it you could spend hours or a day trying to find the problem… I should know :slight_smile: