[Resolved]4.3 - Move character on Z axis bug?(SetActorLocationAndRotation)

Edit - this happens on on 4.3 as well.

Hello, I’m having an odd issue with the 4.3 preview, 4.2 this works just fine. I have a simple ladder climbing system which has a bool for isClimbing which is set on overlap of the ladder. and what it does is modify the Z value + or - 5 of the current position of the character depending if forward is pressed and sets the location and rotation. Holding forwards is supposed to climb the ladder.

In 4.3 I have to modify it by over 45 to get the character to move up at all, like its being overpowered by gravity. If I put it to 49-50ish the character shoots up the ladder at annoying speed but it works up and down as it used to, just not at a reasonable pace up.

I put this in as a possible bug because I didn’t see anything that should have affected this noted. I probably want to work on a more advanced system, but for prototyping this worked fine. If this is intended behavior what would be the best way to move the character up on the Z axis now?


Hi ,

I am attempting to reproduce this on my end, however I am a little confused. Does this happen in a clean project with no additional content?

Hi , after reproducing this in the most simple way i could think of, I’m not sure if this is a bug that was fixed or something that is a bug.

The easiest way to reproduce the difference in 4.2.1 and 4.3 that I can think of is:

  1. Start a blueprint third person project
  2. Go into the character blueprint
  3. Add a key event(Say “F” or something) and connect that to a “SetActorLocation” node
  4. Get the actor location
  5. Break the vector, add 5 to the Z axis and make vector
  6. Connect that to the set actor location node.
    if you do this in both versions you can see the difference.

4.2.1 that worked great for ladder, I am experimenting with turning gravity off in 4.3 to see if I can work around it, because the character now falls faster then it moves up.

Thanks for your time, and if you have any good ideas to make a simple climb up a ladder, i’d be open to that as well.

Hi ,

I took some time to play around with this and have discovered a working (though definitely not the ideal) solution to your ladder.

I will post some images down below, however this is basically what I did:

  1. Create a blueprint for the ladder object with a static mesh and a box volume over the area that I want the ladder to be.

  2. In event graph, create a begin overlap and an end overlap state.

  3. In the begin overlap, cast it to your character blueprint and set movement mode to “flying”

  4. In end overlap, do the same, except set the movement mode to “walking”

  5. Compile, save, go to your character blueprint

  6. For your climb feature, drag off of the event button you want to use (in your case, F) and create a branch node.

  7. Drag off of condition and create an “is Flying” node, the target should be character movement

  8. From the true node of your branch, create a gate. I use a timer set from event play to drive the Enter and the branch should be plugged into open. Set the release of F into close. Place your Set actor relative location in the Gate Exit.

  9. Create a Get Actor Location node and add it to a Get Up Vector node, then break that vector, add 5 to z and make vector to plug into location as you had previously.

Thank you for this, I thought I responded to this but I don’t see my answer. I just wanted to say thanks for the confirmation that it wasn’t a bug that it doesn’t work the way it used to and your ideas of a solution.