Resolution problem on android devices.


I have a strange problem on different android devices that I cannot resolve. Spent several days searching for the answers, tried different methods, but nothing helped. Tried to ask question on the answer hub, but noone responded. So the forum is my last hope, I guess. Without solving this problem I will not be able to release my game, and I planned to release demo version this month.

When I start my game on different android devices, it doesn’t detect the devices’ native resolution, and runs in some low resolution, messing all UI elements and making all visual assets to be shown in very low quality. I experimented with DPI scaling, MobileContentScaleFactor, even tried to use r.SetRes - nothing helped.

What exactly can cause resolution problems on android devices? Aside from DPI scaling, MobileContentScaleFactor, or r.SetRes command what else can somehow affect resolution on android devices?

I’m using UE 4.12.3.
I’m using Sony XperiaZ (Android 5.1.1) and Sony Tablet Compact Z3 (Android 6.0.1) for testing.

Hello again.

So, after the countless experiments and a sleepless night I finally found what exactly caused the problem. It was ManifestRequirementsOverride.txt. I’m not sure what exactly is wrong in the current variant of this file, but after I removed it assembled build worked just perfectly. Now I have to understand what exactly is wrong in the override, because I definitly can’t release demo with default one, as it will scare out half of potential users.

I replied in the manifest thread just now, but did you leave out the <uses-sdk /> and <uses-feature android:glEsVersion /> tags maybe?

I’ve tried the new variant of override, and everything worked perfectly. Thanks for the clarification, Chris :slight_smile: