Resizing struct arrays in nativized blueprint bug

I posted two separate bugs in a thread here. I was asked to split them into two threads, hence this post.

Resizing an array of structs causes it to be populated by seemingly random values instead of the default values of the struct. It works fine before packaging or if packaging without nativizing blueprints. This only happens when using the Resize node and not when resizing the array by adding items one by one using a forloop or something similar. It also only seems to happen if the struct contains more than one variable.

The struct I’ve used for replicating the bug:

The nodes I’ve added to the Event Graph of ThirdPersonCharacter so that the bug can be easily observed at runtime (by pressing 1):

The result of pressing 1 after running a packaged project (Using PIE all values are 0):

Replicating this bug is as simple as making a struct like the one above and resizing it. I have only tested for integers and fairly large (100+ items) arrays.

This is breaking much of the functionality in my heavily array-dependent blueprint project. I hope solving it will be simple.

Hi ,

This is not related to nativized blueprints, it occurs in unnativized structs as well. I have entered a bug report, UE-32061, to be assessed by the development staff.

Ok, strange that I only observed it with nativized blueprints. Thanks for entering a bug report.

I revisited this issue now years later. The same issue persists. If this problem was not exclusive to nativized project in the past (though from testing in earlier versions I do think it was true then as well), this is at least the case now. I have unchecked this issue as answered and have submitted a bug report.