Resizing multiple brushes at once, possible?

Hi all,

First time posting on the forum here, so hello! Couldn’t find a solution to this problem with a search, but apologizes if it’s already existing.

Basically I’d like to double the Y and X scale of these brushes together, while KEEPING their relationships to each other, and not becoming a congealed mess of brushes. e.g. I double their scale and they still sit beside each other and look the same as before (albeit obviously bigger :P)

Look forward to hearing your creative, or simple solutions :slight_smile:



Hi welcome to UE4! :slight_smile:

I can’t really see in the image what you are trying to scale but what you can do is turn on snapping with your scale tool and it will snap by 10cm. Or click one and then hold CTRL and click the other and look to the right and you should see the details panel of them and you should see scale x 1.0 y 1.0 and z 1.0 and turn the 1.0’s into a 2.0’s and that will double their size.

Hope this was helpful!