Resizing flyers

Hello! I’m struggling right now with resizing the Dragon and can’t figure for the love of me how to:

a) change the take off height and adjust the camera accordingly
b) change the collision when flying as it gets stopped above ground, as it can’t go any lower

If anyone could give me a hand I would highly appreciate it, Thanks!

Late Bump.

Are you scaling the dragon through the BP or through the mesh? You would need to scale the dragon properly through the mesh to fix the problems you listed.

Yes i’m pretty sure i was resizing the mesh but i’ll take a look if that’s the case… Will post what i find. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: yes, I was editing the mesh, but the camera was way too high and collision in the BP was wrong, so i tried to fix that and that’s where my problem comes in… maybe I’m just doing it wrong. Adjusted the Scale Multiplier in the mesh then I changed the TPVCamera Offset, TPVCamera Offset Multiplier, changed Capsule Half Height and Radius and then moved the Mesh to the center of the Capsule. Is there something I’m missing or completely messing up?

Check out this guide here. It helped me out a lot and I think it will solve your problems.

Apparently, changing the size of a mesh requires a lot more steps than just changing the scale, but in the end it will fix the problems you’re experiencing. You may still get some initial problems with the TPV or FPV while riding the dino, but this can be easily fixed in the BP by adjusting the TPV and FPV settings.

Sorry for late reply, I hardly bother to start the dev kit just because of the load times… The tutorial you sent has solved the camera issue 100% thank you! However the thing about the dragon still hovering above the ground (will try to add a pic) and can’t go any lower, is there any setting or anything I can adjust to change the lowest fly height?

That’s the lowest the dragon can go…

The take off height is in the BP of the dino in “take off additional velocity Z”