Resizing Blueprint component (mesh) issue


I have a situation where I randomly scale a Blueprint enemy on Construction Script of the blueprint using Set Relative Scale node.
The scale works fine but everything else in the Blueprint (all the other components such as Capsule, Melee Collision Sphere etc) get scaled up too despite me targeting say just the mesh, or just the mellee capsule (as a test).

I could live with that, as on the whole I want that anyway but the problem is I spawn certain other blueprinted objects such as Gold Coins and the like on the actor death and these get scaled to the factor that I scaled the parent blueprint (the enemy) as well. So if the actor is scaled to 2.5, then I kill it and we spawn in the Gold_Coin Blueprint on his death, those gold coins will be scaled to 2.5 as well.

The only way I have worked around it so far in a less than ideal manner is to quickly scale the actor back to original size after death and before spawning the gold coins. This works but obviously looks a bit odd.

What am I missing here? What is the effective way to have random scales but the loot that they drop won’t be affected by their scale?

Thanks for any help

I’ve tried the relative and the world scale nodes and it happens with both.
In fact I’ve noticed that without even using the scale node, if you just scale your parent actor then everything associated with them is scaled (which makes sense) but I did not think this would apply to spawned actors too. I guess I have to scale the spawned actors down to normal scale when spawned to counteract this, right?