Resizing an Actor to Fill Screen

I’ve made an item inspector in my game by moving pickup able items and the camera outside the level. The items i want the player to inspect are all different sizes. so i’m hoping there is a way to resize an actor to fill a certain portion of the screen so that i can leave the camera and lighting where it is but have a consistent size of viewed items. I’m already at the point where i can switch the items out, I just need to be able to resize the current item.

Is there a way to scale actors to take up a certain screen space? I know how to resize the object. I know how to get the screen size. I just don’t know how to get them to work together.

You can try working with


( or component bounds ).

It will do slightly weird stuff though, if the object is a particular shape, at a particular angle.

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For posterity, CloclworkOceans answer sort of helped but i ended up just sizing the object up until it reached a certain size.