Resizing a uniform grid pannel widget


I’m making a basic inventory system, single column, multiple row that I add dynamically in blueprint. My question is, if I remove an item from the grid, I want to be able to move all the following items up in the grid. Can anyone help? I added screenshot of how I add to the inventory and one of how I remove from it! Thanks in advance.

Same Question, i have a Grid Panel and there is a vertical list of several “items”.
I wanna Delete Item C and this works, but then between Item B and D is an empty space in the size of the Item C …
How can i fill the space with the other Items A,B and D ? … :o

The simple option would be to not use a grid, just use a vertical box, problem solved at face value…but
but really the widget is a visual representation of your inventory array, if you remove items, this should be done first in the inventory logic and the widgets updated to reflect this change, widgets are secondary, they should not contain any logic not relating specifically to visual display. If you add or remove inventory items, perform the logic, then update the grids, clear and repopulate.

Awesome! I did leave this project for now, but I`ll keep that in mind!