resized dinos attack range

unlike most people i like small dinos, but once i changed the size their attack seem to have problem, so for example a 30% rex how to change any thing that related to make it attack like a raptor or carno, for now they only follow and stand there and watch.

Already answer you in the other topic you have ask…

Dino anim BP
Dino ai BP
Dino BP
Look in all those file to find all the value you will have to change to make your smaller Dino move and behave correctly

Try and error until you found all the change need with the good value.

Another old thread I found and thought I’d add to.

Rather than changing scale, try changing capsule size in the (dino)_Character_BPs to alter size and hit box.

I have this problem and none of your fixes work

ok i fixed this problem by changing the melee swing radius higher