Resize Screen to Fit Window Size

I’ve been searching around for many posts on this but, none seem to help me. Basically, when the player resizes the window (makes it bigger), the screen doesn’t adjust to the size. Here are some screenshots of what is happening:

Before Resize:

After Resize:

Hello nic2017.

Is this only UMG widgets? because if they are only UMG widgets did you set the anchor points?

Right now it is only widgets. I set all of the anchor points to the middle. I tried doing fill screen but then it distorts some of the things that are on the screen

You need to change your reference points (Anchors) to the edges, because as the screen resizes, the distance from the center to the edges will change.

Your background image should fill screen, btw.

It works now, thank you :smiley:

Nice to hear that. Good luck!