Resize character?

Hello I wanted to resieze my first person character because all of my level is smaller , and since I do not want to redo all by beginning I just would like to adapt the first person character to my level …

Now I tried editing the half height and the size of the collision sphere around the first person character and resized also the arms and tvcamera … but whenever I put a start in level it says bad size and when I start play it always get me like a giant … why and how can I fix?

Well one thing i noticed, is in your last picture, your scale is “0,2” instead of “0.2”. Maybe its a bug, maybe it was an accident, maybe its also part of the issue? Also it’s not really good practice to mess with the scale of things too much. From what I’ve read it can cause weird glitches in the physics system. Perhaps someone more experienced can shed some more light on the topic.

The first person model is not rendered or handled in the same way as the 3rd as it is a rendered overlay relative to the 1st person perspective camera. Changing the scale of the 1st person hands will not change the relative scale of the model as referenced by world space but rather change the force perspective of the hands relative to the camera with in the confines of the near and far plane of the camera.

Long way of saying that the 1st person hands do not behave in the same manner as to collision as the 3rd person as to prevent clipping of world objects one needs to scale down the hands, usually in the 0.2 > 0.25 range or until relative to other objects around it, and then change it’s position relative to the camera as to the desired scale.

I don’t care for the hands of the char ,I actually want to remove , I just want to make a working area that I can tour in first person .
but why resizing in blueprint doesn’t translate in risize in level game?

Well assuming that you are using the 1st person template the camera is set up by default to render as an overlay and as mentioned the relative scale of anything with in the camera view is relative to that camera.

What it sounds to me is your looking to do a true 1st person perspective where scaling is relative to world space.

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Thankyou that is also interesting but how I do resize the character ? Because even if Idid the tranformations in the blueprint they do not translate when I press play and test the level .

To have the correct ingame height I have to put the camera like that?
Is that normal? Why I can’t have the camera at normal height position?…1a35e3157a.png…fb37e4c6d4.jpg

but then here is where collision goes …

Well you can change the relative scale at run time using the set relative scale function.

Quick test tied into the jump key.

From a different BP say the animation BP you just have to cast to the character component or even the capsule as each of the components inherits from the component above it.

If you are still using a character component then the capsule is still active as far as gravity goes so if your component is outside it’s influence it will clip or give a bad size error.

In this photo

This is not the collision capsule but rather the physics asset of the character.

This is for third person though , How I do scale the first person ?
Also how can I reduce the speed movement?

Hey, I know this is very late, but here’s how I scaled the collision capsule and adjusted movement speed for the 1st person template:

  1. collision: click the 1st person character > in the panel to the right, select the capsule collider > scale in the X axis (it was really that simple, I couldn’t figure it out myself as I thought that I had to scale in the Y axis instead, but there you go);
  2. speed: while the 1st person character is selected, in the panel to the right type “speed” in the search bar > something along the lines of “maximum move speed” should come up, default value should be 600 units, I lowered it to 300

Hi. In your content browser make a custom Third person model.

Rename it. Then double click it to go into the blueprint.
Double click mesh and get the follwing.
If you zoom out you should be able to see your camera.
From here you should be able to scale the character and you might have to adjust the camera. Compile and save.