resizable context menu

if this is an option somewhere, pls feel free to post

if this is already in ‘the works’, same update me

I know the context menu when editing the graph of a BP was going out of bounds before was an issue that got fixed, just recently. But being able to resize the context menu and it saving / retaining it’s size, unless reset, would be really nice feature.

This can get to be such a pain when not knowing exactly what you’re after & sometimes even when you know a keyword or 2 you have to scroll to what you want, it would just speed things up. The list of suggestions can get so long, you always have to slow down to scroll up or down.

ps: pls stay in bounds if this does get in UE4

This is a good idea. I’ve logged a feature request internally for us to get to (ID: UE-5789, for reference).

Thanks for the suggestion!