Resistance System

My question:
how can i make a resistance system? My Player gets e.g. 10 damage when he stays in the Test_Damage object.

how can i make that the player gets less/more damage.

e.g. When i set the value to 100 the player gets no damage, when its 90 the player gets 90 % less damage.

before subtracting the damage amount, multiply it by a float variable, which you can clamp between -1 and 2. this float variable will represent whether the character is immune to that damage type. depending on the value, it can do double damage, normal damage, miss, or heal the character.

if you want to input the value in percent of immunity, instead of a simple damage multiplier, you could try this:

health = health - (Percent * -0.01 + 1) * Damage

thanks for the quick answer i´ll try it!