"Resistance Of Light 2" in dev.

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I am working on “Resistance Of Light 2.” Like my first two trashy games, “Resistance Of Light” and “Cat Commando: Wrong Kind Of Puss”, it is a completely solo project with everything made by me. The game is going to be short, fast-paced and low-grade.

The solo games I make are as far from AAA games as Jeff Bezos is from a homeless man. But right now at least, I am making games for fun. “Resistance Of Light 2” is going to be released for free on, Kartridge etc…

“Resistance Of Light 2” features fast, aggressive action!

Demons Have Invaded Your City, Kill All The Demons!

“Resistance Of Light 2” ©2019 Jerome Lebel

All Art Assets, Sprites, Music, Sounds, Blueprint scripts, Game Design by Jerome Lebel

Why put in no effort and make trash?

Trash is fun to make and it’s a learning experience… I still don’t have the experience to make something high-end and the idea of starting something lofty and not be able to finish it is very depressing to me. I don’t want to go down that path, I want to make stuff that I know I can finish. I make what I can make right now.

I started using UE4 in 2018 with no programming experience, no asset creation experience and no game design experience at all - and I work completely solo making everything myself.

I started at point 0. In 2018, when I first downloaded UE4, I thought I would never be able to get anything working, it was a very intimidating experience. Many people online recommend against using UE4 for solo beginner devs and instead recommend some other well-known game engines, but I really wanted to learn UE4. The only things that got me going were YouTube tutorials and Epic documentation and it was a lot to take in at first.

I’ve been able to make small gameplay mechanics since late 2018 so only a year ago and I took long breaks to take care of family members with health issues so my mind was not into it (development) for long periods of time.

I still have a ton of stuff to learn, I’m using probably less than 5% of what UE4 can do. I can’t really touch C++ at this point - it’s too much for me. I am beginning to do some encapsulation with making my own functions instead of just relying on the Event Graph. I am beginning to learn about Event Dispatchers (I think they’re also called “Delegates”) etc…

At the end of the day, the games I’ve made run without any major or game breaking issues. My games are not broken, amateurish but not broken, they are playable so they could be worse (some indie games on Steam are full of game breaking bugs). Of course, being so small and simple I probably would have to make them crash on purpose.