Resistance 3 Generator

Happy Monday!!! (Tuesday)
New week New project!
Just wrapped up the model for my Bad Ju Ju
So i am kicking off another High Res prop
I found this Generator Concept from Resistance 3 that I thought was cool!

Here is where I am at currently :slight_smile:

Let me know what yall think :slight_smile:

really worked on trying to nail the proportions i feel pretty good about this…let me know what you guys think

Close enough…

Now y’all just gotta cover it in nice substance or dDo textures :slight_smile:

@ioflow studios thanks man!

I decided to push the forms a bit more and start blocking out details :slight_smile: we are going high poly on this bad boy :smiley:

The High Res Starts

Just Starting on the fun High Poly Details :slight_smile:
Check it out!

Nice work so far.

Are you doing the details in Zbrush btw?

Thanks man! no all this high detail work is done in 3ds max

mmmm love me some hardsurface!
Looks solid so far, i would recommend using substance painter/ndo for bolts and small normal detail, you get some crazy crisp normal details with those programs, and wont have to fiddle to much with the baking process.

@bagner thanks man! yeah i could use those programs but for now im modeling everything in :slight_smile:
i hope you like the progress :slight_smile:

im thinking the Highpoly is done
let me know what yall think :slight_smile:


Well done, what a relief, now’s the fun part!

hahah texturing is my weak point…i love doing all the crazy high detail modeling hahah

Quick question though…I am trying to nail down my final in game polycount for the model…i have heard it needs to be 1-2k Max 5k and then ive heard it can go up to 10K
what should be the polycount goal?
I walk around games like destiny and doom and I feel the polycounts on environmental assets are in the 5-10 range

Right now im sitting at 9k and i also did some beauty renders


So here is my 2k Poly low res with the high poly details baked on to it :slight_smile:

so i did not like those normals…so i redid them :slight_smile:

wooo started texturing :slight_smile:

Had to throw it in Engine :slight_smile:

Those high-poly shots… I actually said “wow!” out loud. Looks .

Thanks man :slight_smile: I really appreciate that hopefully the texture work i put up today will make you say wow as well :slight_smile: