Resident Evil Village : Luiza's House

In this artwork I made a twisted and open version of Luiza’s House that you get to experience earlier in the game, Resident Evil 8:Village. A lot of asset have been made from scratch, while others been used from Dekogon’s Wild West Pack.

Artstation Link: ArtStation - Resident Evil Village : Luiza's House
Video Link for Full Cinematic Experience:


Hi there @Mridulsrmh,

Hope you’re well and having a wonderful week so far :slight_smile:

I’ve never played Resident Evil but this environment may just convert me. It looks so welcoming in a malicious way? If that makes sense at all. The lighting, specifically, is what makes the environment look so phenomenal to me. It’s so gloomy and yet bright at the same time.

Thanks for taking the time to share :smiley: Do you plan on recreating more Resident Evil scenes?

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Hi there @Mridulsrmh ! Welcome back to posting with us here on the forums!

This is such a beautiful recreation. You manage to capture the game near exactly to the very pixel. It’s almost a little chilling. I’m also enjoying the textures for the wagon that you have there. Was that one of the ones that you created by hand?

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Hello! Ah yes, I really plan on making quite a few RE scenes. I just love this game series, especially the remakes. You should definitely give them a try, not gonna get disappointed at all!

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Ah the Wagon. I got it from the Wild West pack of Dekogon. I tried making one but I didn’t have much time left for completion so I just used the asset.

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Oh rad, I look forward to seeing more! As for trying the game, you just might have convinced me :slight_smile: