Resident Evil style combat/ fixed camera and learning animations (frame by frame)

3D modeler here and learning animation. Non-coder and wanting to learn blue prints. Quick questions, how would I implement fixed camera angles and combat similar to REmake or classic RE games (RE1-3)? Third person template just allows running/jump.

Also, I am learning how to animate and was going to use REmake and Tomb Raider games as references for learning frame by frame movement. Not sure how to extract animations from games into Maya so I was wondering what would be the best way to learn some of the animations? How do individuals using UNREAL ENGINE mimic the animations in fan projects I’ve seen (RE2 Remake, TRAOD, Zelda, etc). Do you just watch gameplay videos frame by frame?

This link might help you with fixed cameras and switching between them:

As for your animation question I don’t really have a clue since I’m not an animator and haven’t tried that.