Resident Evil 3.5 in Unreal Engine 4

Hey there, i’d just like to share a little project i’m doing which is ultimately inspired by the cancelled version of Resident evil 4, after watching the alpha footage i was really mesmerized by what the developers were able to create and as I’ve just started to learn Unreal Engine 4 my first thought was to create a little fan made project based on that.
Right now the videos only showing off the mansion and the movement of Leon but my end goal is to have a little level where the player can fight against the hookman and hopefully in time i’ll be able to implement some quick time events however at the moment that’s way out of my knowledge but if anyone would care to explain how that could be done than please do tell! (please refer to 1.45 of this video… to understand what i mean).
There’s still quite alot to do regarding gameplay but i just thought i’d share what i’ve done so far.