Resetting the rotation of a physics object?

This might be an easy solution, but I’ve been having trouble lately figuring out how to basically “reset” the rotation speeds of a mesh with physics enabled. Sometimes collisions cause them to lose control and basically bug out, so I’d like to have it reset after a period of time.

I’ve only had success with using commands to adjust the rotation that basically spin the object, but I haven’t found a way to effect the momentum it’s gained from the physics simulation.

Any advice?

Have you tried setting a high angular dumping when you need it to stop or slow its spinning?


You can set *Linear *and Angular Velocity to 0 directly to kill all movement. Increasing damping as suggested above would work in a tad more elegant way if you have time to spare (although a 1000 would bring most stuff to stop very quickly).

For more fidelity, you could monitor out of control bodies for their respective velocities and apply increasing dampening proportional to their speeds. Or you could simply set limits to max angular and linear velocities.