Resetting the layout

Is there a way to reset the editor layout to default?

The window in which the Blueprint editor opens by default is gone in one of my projects. I’m guessing it’s somewhere off screen, but I obviously can’t reach it.


It’s under Edit > Editor Settings > Preferences > Reset UI Layout

Thank you!

Exit Rocket and go to Project Folder\Saved\Config\Windows. There you will see EditorUserSettings.ini file. Either rename it or delete it and start Rocket. Your UI Layout will reset back to default.


This is an old thread archived from Beta days of the engine. It is Edit > Editor Preferences > Miscellaneous > Reset UI Layout now.

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This didn’t work for me. My UE4 Edit Tab trials like this: Edit > Editor Preferences. The Reset to Defaults doesn’t seem to change anything let alone reset the UI?
I’m testing to see what happens if we close all of the UI windows…And what seems to happen is we’re S.O.L… :frowning:

Once a window is closed, that’s it? It remains closed? I can however go to Window > (Open what ever Window I want) but these new windows are unable to be docked? Why?

As of Unreal Engine 4.10, it’s under:

Window > Reset Editor Layout

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Its Under Windows > Load Layout > And Select Default Layout


For me “Under Windows > Load Layout > And Select Default Layout” Was where it was, This helped lol.


thanks bro very much love you i was stuck for last 15 days trying to find the default layout
thaks very very much

Thank you , This works on UE5. Version: 5.0.2-20280985+++UE5+Release-5.0

They should fix a bug, ‘Place Actors’ window is always gone…

As of Unreal 5.03:

Window->Load Layout->Default Editor Layout

I needed to this because the Content Brower refused to dock.

Hope this helps


This doesn’t work in 5.2

This fixed my modeling tools not appearing. Thanks!