Resetting Player Spawns


I have a device that respawns players who are spectating and I want this to activate when all players on one team have died.

I was going to use the “On Team Is Out Of Respawns” but due to the way I’m making my map, the round doesn’t end therefore this only works once.

A way I think this could easily be fixed is by resetting everyone’s player spawns but I have no idea how to do that…

Is there any way to do this?

Thank You.

I want to cry…

Spent all day trying to figure it out.

It was the timer. I set it to stop so it never reset.

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Hey do you mind explaining how your respawning is set up, I want to do something similar but I cant seem to figure it out.

sorry, im very late… not sure if you still need it but. i have the link to what i used in my post, here. basically, i have used this and combined it with an elimination tracker so that when all players on one team are dead, it respawns all players by looping through them all and respawning.

GetPlayers(): []player =
        return GetPlayspace().GetPlayers()

        Print("Attempting Respawn")
        Players := GetPlayers()
                Print("Respawning Player")
                P.Respawn(vector3{X := 11008.0, Y := -6144.0 ,Z := 64.0}, rotation{})

Thank you, I appreciate the response. Just wondering, are you experiencing issues with players not entering the DBNO state?

I am again very late sorry. I found a way to fix it for me ‘HERE’ by making it so that when the player is respawned they are then eliminated which makes them respawn normally so it fixes it. the way i did it in my game is by making a timer start after the player has respawned which then eliminates them on completion. its a little confusing and i definitely havent done it the best way i could but it works for me… hopefully there is a better way to respawn players soon.