Resetting character on start level after death but character mesh does not show up

I have a multi level setup and can get the character to die and the level to reset to the starting level, with the camera and controller working, but the characters mesh is not reappearing.

This is the setup I have in MyCharacterBP

I have also tried this setup and the same result with the character mesh missing but all else working.

Ok so I have figured out the BP answer, here it is.

Glad you found the answer by yourself, but to add a comment on your graph, your first ‘cast to’ node doesn’t do anything since you haven’t plugged out from ‘as BP’. And if it fails to cast, then nothing will happen. You’d better go ahead and delete it.

Hey, your right, I removed it and it is still working fine, thanks for the comment!

Thanks for the recommendation, I have cleaned up the BP.