Reset Walk Animation After Stop


My walk animation (1 cycle long) continues from where i stopped moving last time, and that messes up some things in my case. how do i reset the animation?

In what way are your animations not working correctly? Are they not blending correctly?

We use a combination of concepts to ensure our characters transition smoothly. We use a distinct idle animation state so that we can use the transition rule’s blending values to smoothly transition from walk to idle. We setup animations specific to transitions across difficult animations or where we wanted specific behavior during transition.

Here is a simplified look at how we built the animation graph for our characters.

It really depends on what is going wrong. Additional information would help us to assist you.

I have an Idle_Walk blend space and one jump animation, its just two arms raised up, and I’ve got an attack animation. I just need them to work together, I don’t need a jump start, middle and end

FIXED IT! I was making it really complicated for myself i just used some states and it all worked out, thanks

Congrats. It can be very frustrating at times.