Reset view window

there needs to be a simple method to reset the view window back to it’s default.
the 3D view navigation is unintuitive and different from anything else out there. just going through the first walk-through, [welcome tutorial on its interface] it only took me 2 seconds to destroy the view and i cannot find anything in the documentation on how to restore it.
perhaps by default it wanted a pen and tablet, i am unsure. but i was actually using a mouse and found the view flying all over the place. switching to tablet to navigate only made it worse.
just want to reset the view :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: file menu / window / ‘reset layout’ closes the program and restarts it. not the same thing

other observations:
not possible to clear your scene to start a new project, you have to just exit and restart the program

orbiting your oject is extremely difficult to do, all i can ever get is an overhead view

tutorial mode places a large popup window on top of the view window, making it difficult to see what you are doing during a tutorial. popup cannot be relocated. it should just not cover the view window especially when it asks you to try doing somthing in the view window, thusly blocking your view entirely.

undo does not appear to undo anything

material slot vanishes after creating a new landscape, making it impossible to apply a material to move on in the landscape tutorial

there seems to be a great lack in detailed information for the tutorials when one is ujust starting out.
just a few examples:

the ‘landscape actor’ [odd, non-intuitive, misleading terminology] is supposed to show its properties in the ‘detail panel’ yet one can click on the landscale in the details panel all you want and all it does is change the zoom level on the item in the view window. no details emerge.

‘create new landscape layer’ is supposed to have a ‘plus sign icon’ that is ‘to the right of the magnifying glass’ yet i can find nothing remotely near these descriptions in the GUI anywhere.

not sure i have the patience to meticulously detail every inconsistent, non-functional aspect regarding this one tutorial, it would require a multitude of screengrabs and excrutiatingly verbose explanations…

i cannot get details to display in the landscape actor’s properties panel at all, and ‘you can make sure it is selected if you right click on it’ however that just messes up the view window- and the view window’s inability to have basic orbiting capabilities is an entirely different animal to contend with.

am i alone on this issue of how entirely non-explanitory the tutoril is or is the software just plain buggy?

Same exact situation in 2021. Can’t get the Details panel to show up again. Can’t reset the view either. That option does not exist in Blueprints view or the main Unreal window. This is ridiculous.

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To anyone else who ends up here: Do Window → Load Layout → Default Editor Layout. It’s (Probably?) the same thing.


Hi akeNaTIVEp, can you tell us what specific tutorial you’re having issues with? Is the problem with the docs, or the engine? Providing us this information will help assist in the triage process to the proper documentation team.

I have the same issue, with the editor, in the myproject. It is very easy to come out of focus, because the movements are very imprecise and then I have no idea how to get back.

I know a way to restore the view. This is implicitly written in the documentation. It is necessary to select an object in the project tree and press F (Focus)!
No thanks -)

Hello all,

DocMont and I have been researching this issue a little bit, and we want to share our findings.

First, if you want to revert your Editor layout, you can use Window → Load Layout → Default Editor Layout. This will revert your Editor windows, but not your Viewport.

Second, there is no easy way to revert to the default view in the Viewport. However, there is a workaround. When you open your level, you can set a Viewport Bookmark so that you can automatically revert to that view with a single keypress. Refer to the Viewport Options page for more information.

Third, we agree that this seems like a useful feature. You could go to the Feature Request page and ask for this to be added.

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