Reset the player character in game?

Hey forum.
I have a character that I want to play cutscene animations which include moving the camera the same way the head bone moves.
I have placed the animation in the anim graph, and applied a variable to control it.
Now the animation plays and returns great, but the problem was with the camera, which didn’t move. So I’ve set up a blueprint to assign a new parent to it. The thing is, I can’t figure out how to make it go back to the previous state.

Here’s the script I wrote, and the (failed) idea I had for making it come back:

The circled value is the variable firing the animation. The variable = 0 means there is no animation.

This fix failed, this is the way relations worked after it:

Any ideas?
Like I said, just a way to make the character return to the state it had after spawning would be great (ofc keeping the world rotation and location).

Okay. Managed to get over it.
What I did was I’ve made a new camera, which was constantly linked to the head.
All the script would do was to switch between them.