Reset player camera after switch from AR to normal mode


i was created an AR game. I want to add non AR mode too.
After im using the AR mode, go back to main menu and start in normal mode, my player camera actor keep in the position and direction where im closed the AR mode.
Tryed to place or spawn into the scene my player actor, tryed to set rotation but not worked.
Im closing the ar session after AR mode but cannot rotate camera after all.

Please help me, how can i rotate back to 0, 0, 0 my camera after stopped ar session?

UPDATE: Find out this problem appears only on android. IOS reset camera fine when switch ar and normal mode.
(Im using simpe AR blueprint not ARCore or ARKit specific)

Thank you!


same problem here did you find a solution for android?

No solution for that, this is a problem that ARCore has and no one will fix it because the support for unreal engine ended:

This issue seems like this one:

It should have been fixed in 1.7 version of Unreal ARCore Plugin on

hey , I want to do the same thing switch between Ar and Non Ar . I’m able to do the rotation of the non ar actor but due the ar camera the actor is rotating with ar camera movement . So how can I switch to a static camera from Ar camera and when I want to switch back to Ar mode whatever was there before switching to Non Ar should be there.