Reset physic ball animation

Hello everyone,
I am pretty new to Blueprints, so now I am faced with this problem.
I am doing a VR Archviz presentation, and one scene is a basketball court, I managed to set up the ball bouncing and grabbing. but now I need to set up a keyboard shortcut to reset the ball to its original position.with blueprints, I managed to relocate the ball to its original position but every time it reset it keep moving.
is like teleporting but with the same physics intensity direction and all.

I have been digging on the option but I can’t find anything that sounds that will work.
Again I am not a programmer so not sure what I am looking for.

By logic, I think I need something to reset physics or something.
Thanks for your help.

Have you tried making a variable for the ball’s speed and setting this to zero at the time of resetting?

Set Simulate Physics ? Simulate off before you move it, simulate on after moving.

Thanks guys for your input.
I created my code on the level blueprint area, what you are suggesting can be applied there or should be applied to the Actor level blueprint?
I had my presentation today and my workaround was giving more weight to the ball and reduce the time of simulation or spinning. But I still would like to have a more refined solution.

you could set linear and angular velocity to 0 and than move the ball

or toggle the simulation off/on which will reset the simulation