Reset Level via Pause Menu Button & changing Player Start locationon that reset

This honestly sounds simple but I’m not sure how to go about implementing this. This reset level isn’t as simple as pausing the game or quitting it as they already have functions that do that. However, reset doesn’t, which leads me to try to find an alternative for this reset button I have on the pause menu.

This reset is meant for players to restart the level with every state reset EXCEPT for the Player Start. We want to give the player an option to skip a tutorial part of our game, and if they do so, the Player Start location would change to another location we define.

How then would be distinguish between the default Player Start and the 2nd Player Start we want, as well as give the player the option to choose between skipping Tutorial or not. Would this be done in Pause Menu/Widget Blueprint or Level Blueprint?

2 questions
1)How to restart a level via pause menu?
2)How to do the above player start change?


This for me is going to be a wild stab in the Dark.

From your widget, set a location in Game Instance BP for example.

When the level starts, get that location from the Game Instance and spawn the player there.

Sorry, but what is Game Instance BP? Referring to the Level blueprint? Sorry, I’m not too familiar define working with Unreal for perhaps 4 months+ now.

Also, do you know how to solve the 1st question? Which is how to go about restarting a level to begin with?