Reset level events/trigger box/actor in a level without using console command 'RestartLevel'????

Hey guys I was looking for a solution to restart my level in a faster way. I tryed with RestartLevel but it’s way too slow and I don’t need to reload the whole level, I just need to reset few events like animations in my map. Do anyone have a solution? :smiley: Thanks guyssssss

If they’re all actors in the level, you can have all of them implement a blueprint interface. The interface can have a function ‘Reset’, which you implement in the different actor blueprints to say what happens when the reset function is called.

Once that’s done, you can call the Get All Actors with Interface function to get a reference to all of these actors, and tell them to reset through the Reset interface function.

I guess I need to change all the events into actors! Thanks dude for your message I will try this way :smiley: