Reset issue

I have a button set up so that when it is released a ‘reset level’ function is called. The issue is that when I call this function from the onreleased event of the button, I also want to show a circular throbber. The issue is that when I call the reset level function, the cirular throbber doesn’t show.How do I show the circular throbber in the time it takes for the level to be reset?


By add, do you mean add the circular throbber to the reset function?

You have to add the circular throbber first, and then reset the level :wink:

No, you’ll have to create a widget with a circular throbber, add that widget to the screen in the reset function, and then reset the level.

Ok thanks for your reply I’ll try this. The circular throbber will only appear when the home button has been released.

I have had a go but no luck. Could you give an example of how this would be set up as a blueprint?

Ok hold on, by circular throbber do you mean your OS’s circular throbber or a throbber made with UMG?

By circular throbber I mean a throbber made with UMG. Could you give an example of how this would be set up as a blueprint?

So, you have to create a Widget with a circular throbber:

Then you have to add it to the screen just before you restart the level:

If you’ve got any further questions let me know :wink:

Does this get added to the reset function?

Hi thanks for your reply. I managed to get it to work.

Your reset function should essentially be my last screenshot ;’

Great :smiley: !