Reset highlighted actor to initial position in play in Product Viewer

Hi Everyone,

I’m still very new to Unreal (mechanical design engineer by trade) and I’m still trying to get my head around blueprints.

While I’m testing the level in the Product viewer template with my own models added, if I move an actor is there a way to reset it to it’s initial position (like press “R” while highlighted or “Ctrl+R” for all actors) like what I believe you can do with explode? I’ve had a look at the explode blueprint to see if I can find out how it does it but haven’t had much look with my very limited knowledge.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Right click it.

This is set in blueprints within the Base pawn and Mouse pawn (for what I use).

Thanks PA VR, for some reason this didn’t work. It did once i started a new level and re imported the model.