Reset effects of a pressed button

Hello, I made a bp script that requires one button to be pressed before the other button can be activated.

However, once I press the first button, it remains active and allows the second button to be activated any time after being pressed once.

Is there a way to make the effects of the first button last for a short moment? Like 2 seconds or something, so that it needs to be reactivated.

Easiest thing to do is create a Boolean to use instead of the “is game key” I feel that will always be true with this set up. So create a new Boolean and set it to true when “pressed” then when you press button 2 set it to false. This will prevent multiple firings of button 2 until button 1 is pressed.

Oh ok, never really used a Boolean till now, mostly been using floats. Will try read up on it and give what you are saying a shot. Any chance of a visual example?

Oh ok, it was easier than I thought, thank you so much. lol

Yea they are pretty simple to use. Glad it’s working!