Reset character animation

I have two animations on one character at event begin it starts and works fine that’s the walking animation then when it gets hit by a projectile it triggers the other animation the hit reaction and then it stays like that I would like it to return to 1st walking animation like resetting it.

Sounds like you are manually calling the animations directly from inside your blueprint. Without using an AnimationBlueprint, you will have to set the animation back to walking again after the hit reaction animations has finished. The simplest way to do this is to get your hit animation length by mousing over the animation asset in the content browser. (It’s the Sequence Length in the tooltip details that pops up if you hover for a second.) Use a delay set to that same duration right after your hit animation is called. After the delay, link back to start your walking animation again, just like you did at begin play. To avoid some strangeness that can happen with the delay node being called too quickly, you could also use a timeline with a length set to the animation length, then call walk again off the finish pin.

I would recommend looking into animation blueprints and blend spaces for maximum control over your animations.
Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for replying it seems like the delay node did the trick animation is a bit choppy but it can be fixed in blendspace thanks.