Reset camera to start position

I am trying to reset the player pawn camera position to its start position but It doesn’t seem to work. The attached image shows the blueprint I have set up so far. When I press the home button the player pawn camera should return to its begin play position. How would I get the camera to return to its correct starting position?

Hi Jamesdaley121,

I was able to get this to work by creating the reset camera input inside of the pawn I was trying to move. You can take a look at what I did below. Where do you have this input action setup in your blueprints?

I had the input action set up in a widget blueprint. I try to set this up and keep you updated. I want the camera to be reset up on releasing a button. That is why is am trying to set it up in a widget blueprint.

I have this input action set up in my player controller.

Can you provide me with your project? If the file is too large to attach you can use Dropbox or Google drive to upload it and provide a shareable link.

Hi , I won’t be able to send you the project because I don’t have the time to do so. What information is it you need from the project? The player controller inputs image shows the movement inputs set up in the player controller. So far the player pawn blueprint doesn’t have any movement inputs set up.

Without the full blueprint I don’t have enough context to see exactly what is happening in your project. When you have more time feel free to update this thread. After doing so I will be happy to assist you further.

Ok thanks for the reply.

Hi , I have asked a question on unreal engines forums and answerhub, however I am yet to get an answer to my solution. I have attached the link to the question and was wondering if it was something you could have a look at. At this point I am stuck and can’t move the project forward. Touch screen drag issue - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums