Reset button does not function in advanced vehicle blueprint

I am brand new to this engine and I have been trying out some of it’s features. I was wondering if there is a reason that the vehicle reset button does not function in the advanced vehicle blueprint. Everything else seems to work properly but if the vehicle rolls, it just lays on its back like a turtle.

Huh, I stumbled on this question accidentally when looking for a proper reset button.

Answer: It does not work because there simply is no reset action implemented (in both vehicle and vehicle advanced).

Maybe try something like this:

This works but then when you move forward again it flips back on its roof to the original position/rotation before it was pressed ?

Here’s my solution. Apparently setting actor rotation is the “right” way to do this. You can also SetActorLocation if you need to be certain that the car will clear obstacles, but this works fine for me.