Reset Animation on entry state machine


I have simple state machine:

As you can see I check “Always Reset on Entry” for state “Attack”. This work very well for single attack. But when AI attack again in the middle of previous attack I want to back to state “Patrol_Chase” and go to state “Attack” again.
The problem is when I go again to “Attack” state - it start playing animation where last it stop playing.

My notifiers:

I make even synthetic test. Catch Notify “AnimRealAttack” and then instantly back to state “Patrol_Chase”. Then Notify “AnimAttackEnd” never called (like animation don’t play). Next time I go into state “Attack” animation play from last position and after while is called Notify “AnimAttackEnd”.

My Attack animation setting “Start Position is 0,0”.

How to play animation of state always from beginning ?

I have the same problem more or less, curious to see an answer. Bump!

Sync marker won’t tell you much. They can fire or not based on a billion things.

Just enable animation debug. Film the screen. Set slomo in engine to .2 or less. Film the stuff happening and analyze it.

If you are fully sending the AI into the patrol chase state, the animation should reset.

Alternatively, you could try a conduit into an AI dedicated state. With an AI dedicated attack boolean to trigger between the state and the conduit…

Or set up the AI to use montages for attacks, which really is much more appropriate.