Reset Animation in State Machine State after a transition

I have a state machine that has a few non-looping animations (So that I can move to the next state as soon as the animation is done, at 0 time remaining). The problem is that once this state is reached again, the animation is already at the end, and doesn’t restart from the beginning, like I would like it to. Here is my animation that gets stuck at the end:

Any ideas?

I had similar problem and didn’t find any solution.

In my case I put the animation into animation montage. Montage will start playing when you tell it to start playing, and it will be playing from the beginning. However, it was attack animation in my case, and yours is called “walk start”.

If anyone knows better way to deal with this, I’m all ears.

not sure if its related in any way, but I can vaguely remember having a similar issue where the animation wouldnt play again after the first time. Try using timeRemainingRatio <0.1 as a state exit rule instead. I cant imagine why that would fix it, but I have in my head it was a solution to my problem back then.

i actually had the same problem and now managed to find a way
here it is:

so basically im using the loop option as a bool and whenever i press the button the Loop will be OFF and when i release the button it will be ON
though im new to UE4 so it might have problems later on :slight_smile:

EDIT:Bah,forget it,this one also got its problems so use these tuts instead,it also worked for me.
- YouTube

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In case anyone reads this looking for an answer, as of 4.14 there is now an option in Anim states called “Always Reset on Entry” that can be used to fix the OP’s problem.


Thank you, this solved my issue finding this.

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