Reset and stop delay node so it cant trigger further action

I want to stop delay so my command stops and nothing happens. (I have searched forum before posting a new thread)

You haven’t really searched :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know much about retriggable delay can you tell me how do I imply in my case?
What I want to do is when delay is taking place I click a button to stop so it can stop the timer and reset it by which delay couldn’t trigger branch.(See Image in first post as refrence). It would be great if you can help!! :slight_smile:

Seems like you can’t go on with the delay if you want it to break when a key is pressed. Thus you must do what is said here

It doesn’t work I want to disable delay when I input a key

Never Mind I did it using gates. Thank You very much for your support @Innos.

My Progress:I have successfully created a automatic rifle with the rich reload system and I have also created a working weapon switch system. Thanks Everyone!

Well done mate :wink: