Reset 3ds Max Biped skeletal mesh bones rotation

Hi there,

I have a Max animator which can animate with biped and he will export an fbx for me to bring in. I’m a Maya user and I used to clean zero values in my rig rotation channels but max biped bones seems to have pre-rotations on them;

Also I want to rig some other character with the same skeleton in Maya (which they will have zero rotations but the same hierarchy and names) and use this animations on them. Now I’m not sure that I can use same skeleton in this situation. So anyone can help me to figure out what to do? Can Biped export an fbx with zero rotations or it won’t cause any problem later?

Thank you for any help

Biped should not cause any problems but having said that you should never just export biped or any other driving rig. You should setup a secondary basic bone rig on top with proper root which follows biped and export only that, you can also make sure that is zeroed out befor rigging it to biped.

Hi Man, I did something like what you said and it OK now so I forgot to check it here. Thank you