Reserving Target Points for AI with EQS?


I am building standard FPS AI and I am trying to figure out how to reserve cover positions in the world using EQS.

Ideally, I would eventually build spawn closet logic to have a group of NPCs spawning simultaneously all running the same behavior and navigate to separate cover positions based on a few conditions.

Currently the AI will attempt to navigate to the same position and I am trying to solve that.

I am running a custom generator to find and select the best targetpoint in the world. I am not the best with arrays but my thought was that I could remove the targetpoints as they are selected to essentially ‘reserve’ them for that NPC only so the following NPCs will work their way down the actor list and find a different one. I want to avoid any jittering so the enemies spawn in and navigate to cover smoothly.

I don’t know if this is the ideal method or if there is a more systemic way to approach it. I am new to EQS and BT. Any nudge in the right direction is greatly appreciated!

**Since all the NPCs are spawning at the same time, how would I reserve positions for them as the NPCs are spawned? **


Hey there, did you find a solution to this?