Reselling Content [Piracy]

So I came across this website being advertised that it distributes Marketplace Content for download if they sign up for its “premium membership.” Essentially charging for Marketplace assets which is like you know way shittier than just pirating it. Not exactly sure where to report it to Epic so hopefully someone from Epic will either see this or a mod will see it and pass it along.

[Removed Link]]

It has been passed along by zeOrb … in future, please rather not post the link on the forums … if the mods don’t catch it in time you have just advertised it to all those that didn’t know about it and happen to visit our forums.

Rather make a post and then PM a mod or request a mod to PM you for the address or if anyone else thinks they have found someone pirating UE4 stuff please contact Jon-Jones or so they can check it out.


Yeah the mods have reacted for 4 minutes, one of the pros to have a good amount of mods.