Reselling content illegally report

I’d like to report a russian selling content from the marketplace and from the forums openly, everything from the free GTA Vehicle Interaction Pack from the forums to 100 dollar marketplace items.

We all know this happens every day but this guy is taking it to the gross level selling FREE content off the forums.


I bought a “premium” membership for all of 8 dollars (under the impression he had his own private premium content he was selling) and would like a DMCA takedown request by epic if possible.

If anyof the staff want my login details I’d love to share them. This makes me sick, its so easily accessable. The private forums posting this kindve stuff for Unity and Unreal are bad enough. I paid my 19 dollars a month for UE4 I paid my 75/month for Unity pro I paid for all my Unity assets, I hate to see people selling not only paid… but the FREE stuff grinds my gears.

If this is worthless let me know. His skype username dangerouspenguins

We really need a way to obfuscate or track stolen content on the marketplace.

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Thank you for reporting this and providing us with this information. I’m the Content Curator of the Marketplace, and the Marketplace team takes piracy very seriously. We’ve collected the information you provided and are looking into this now. If you see anything else like this, please don’t hesitate to report that as well, because we do research each and every reported instance of pirated content.

It still working and selling the content! (bump for this website)

Good day I would like to Report a site illegally giving away all the assets on the market place on their site. The site is They have every single asset there on that site including my asset. Please can you take the site down!