Research Software Data Export

Hello reader. I am writing a game/program that I will be using to study variables related to bi manual coordination and such for undergraduate research. An issue I am having at the moment is exporting the data for analysis. The way the software is set up, to use a simplistic heuristic, is just a timer beside a set of buttons. The user has the option to react to certain criteria by pressing the buttons. When a correct button is pressed, I am storing the minute and second variables in 2 integers. At the end, a HUD widget displays all the times by just binding text blocks to the integers.

Currently, I plan on having my research associates take screenshots and store them in a data bank when participants are done. However, I will have to manually enter all this data into statistic analysis software manually. My question is, how can I more easily export the data? If possible I would like to export the variables in a text document (or even better an excel doc) so I can copy and paste. I am just seeing what my options are for convenience of data analysis as I am sure, if you are a researcher yourself, you know how tedious data analysis can be anyway. Thank you.